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how to control wife after marriage | शादी के बाद पत्नी को कैसे वश में करें

July 27, 2023 By MukeshShastri 0
how to control wife after marriage


how to control wife after marriage | शादी के बाद पत्नी को कैसे वश में करें Marriage is a beautiful journey where two souls unite to create a lifelong bond. After the wedding vows have been exchanged, it’s essential to focus on nurturing and strengthening the relationship. Here are some valuable tips on how to foster a loving and harmonious connection with your wife after marriage.

1. Effective Communication: The Key to a Happy Marriage

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful marriage. It is crucial to establish open and honest lines of communication with your spouse. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns, and encourage your wife to do the same. Actively listen to each other without judgment, and avoid interrupting when she’s expressing herself.

2. Quality Time Together: Rekindle the Romance

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, spending quality time together can often take a back seat. However, it’s essential to set aside dedicated time for each other. Plan date nights, short getaways, or simply enjoy a quiet evening at home. This will help rekindle the romance and strengthen your emotional bond.

3. Show Appreciation: Small Gestures Make a Big Difference

Expressing gratitude and showing appreciation for your wife is a simple yet powerful way to make her feel loved and valued. A heartfelt “thank you” for the little things she does can go a long way in creating a happy and positive atmosphere at home. how to control wife after marriage | शादी के बाद पत्नी को कैसे वश में करें

4. Support Her Dreams and Ambitions

Encourage your wife to pursue her dreams and passions. Be her cheerleader and provide a supportive environment for her to grow and thrive. When she knows you believe in her, she will feel empowered and cherished in the relationship.

5. Share Responsibilities: A Team Effort

In a modern marriage, sharing responsibilities is vital for a healthy and balanced partnership. Work together as a team to manage household chores, childcare, and other obligations. This approach fosters a sense of equality and shared commitment.

6. Resolve Conflicts Gracefully

Disagreements and conflicts are natural in any relationship. When conflicts arise, address them with grace and understanding. Avoid blame or criticism and focus on finding solutions together. Remember, it’s not about who is right or wrong, but how you can work together to overcome challenges.

7. Surprise Her with Thoughtful Gestures

Small surprises and thoughtful gestures can make your wife’s day extra special. It could be anything from preparing her favorite meal, leaving sweet notes, or surprising her with a gift she’s been eyeing for a while. These acts of kindness show that you care and are attentive to her needs.

8. Physical Intimacy: Keep the Spark Alive

Physical intimacy is an integral part of a romantic relationship. Expressing love and affection through physical touch is essential to keep the spark alive in your marriage. Remember to communicate openly about your desires and be attentive to each other’s needs.

9. Respect Her Individuality

Marriage does not mean losing individual identities. Respect your wife’s space, choices, and individuality. Celebrate the unique qualities that make her who she is and allow her the freedom to be herself.

10. Surprise Her with Getaways

Surprise your wife with occasional getaways or vacations. Escaping from the routine and exploring new places together can strengthen your bond and create cherished memories.


A successful and fulfilling marriage requires effort and dedication from both partners. By following these tips and fostering a loving, respectful, and open relationship with your wife, you can build a strong and happy marriage that stands the test of time. Remember, the key is to cherish and nurture the love you share, creating a lifelong journey of togetherness and joy.